Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The European elections are over.

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So the European elections are over and our representatives chosen once again but are they going to be any better than before?
It has come to my notice that they get over two hundred pounds a day just for turning up at the European Parliament with over eighty thousand a year wages plus over two hundred thousand pounds to cover staff wages and office accessories.
Its a pity that all their good intentions go out the window when the money comes in because, as is seen repeatedly, whenever policies concerning British jobs or British rights come up for debate we are always the losers with seemingly no one to stand up and fight for OUR rights.
Where are the elected MEPs when our country's industries are being decimated and our human rights are being demeaned by stupid laws made by this useless union set only on helping themselves rather than put up a united front in all matters.
I wonder what the MEPs spend their wages on when all that money is being handed to them on a platter? OK so they have staff and overheads, but it would be interesting to see just how much of their two hundred thousand pounds plus, actually goes towards financing these matters and how much goes into feathering their own nests, providing them with a secure future that harder working folk do not have the privilage of looking forward to.
After all the scandal concerning our own MPs and their scams, it is time the European members were brought under the same rules that are being promised here, and be seen to be doing their jobs, because as long as we stay in this so called union we should be getting SOME benefit from it instead of being made fools of at every cut and turn.
It is hard to imagine just what our MPs spent their wages on if anything, with houses, furniture, food, repairs, other bills and travel costs covered by the taxpayer. The only thing left is to stash it away and live a life of luxury when it is added to the golden handshake they also recieve.
Never again fall into the trap of thinking that they are in politics to put our interests to the fore, they are in it for what THEY can get out of it and to hell with the mugs that voted for them.
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  1. My friend's husband has just lost his seat after 12yrs,she tells me their main source of income has gone...mmm no more perks is more like it.