Sunday, 21 June 2009

Here's hoping for a new regime in formula one.

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Another boring British G.P. thanks to the restricting rules set down by the egotistical Max Mosely. Formula one has taken backward steps with the new money saving rules, and I for one will be glad if the breakaway teams set up their own racing structure for next year, then maybe we will see some "racing" on the track instead of a high speed procession of cars going round and round with the only excitement being the pit stops.
So boring was this last race that the TV cameras were trained on the crowd, mechanics and the pit wall for long periods, because there was nothing much exciting happening on the track, and hard as the commentators tried they still could not bring any excitement to this boring spectacle.
The attempt to change the venue to Donnington is also a farce, because if it is not ready in time for next year, they have had the audacity to say it will be held at Siverstone again.
That to me is proof enough that there was no need to replace Silverstone as a venue, and the only object of the move was to create controversy, and fuel the egos of Max Mosely and Bernie Ecclestone.
Also, if Max Mosely's claim that the breakaway group would not survive without him and Bernie, why is he threatening to take them to court?
If he was so sure they will fail then surely it would be better to let them go ahead, and prove his point, then, that way, there would be no doubt about who was right and who was wrong, eliminating the need for pointless court action .
Another mistake in his ageing judgement is that the breakaway set up would NOT be Formula one, but with the best drivers and the top teams going it alone, with an unrestricted budget and less restrictive rules, that would permit racing and overtaking, which would make a superior and exciting competition for the spectators, it WOULD be "formula one" leaving his set up a very poor second best.
So good luck to the new regime and good riddance to Max Mosely, and even though he did bring good safety measures to the sport, the only thing his rules are doing now is ruining it.
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