Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Lisbon Treaty and the EU as a whole is vey dangerous.

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The EU have no faith in the Lisbon treaty being passed as some countries have been refused the right to vote (Britain being one) therefore not allowing their population the right to express their opinion on what is a very important subject. Another example of politicians arrogantly thinking that they know better than us, rather than listen to to the people that voted them in.
The agreement was that if one country voted against the Lisbon Treaty then that was to be enough to prevent it going through. Ireland voted against it but the arrogant MEPs in their desperation to push this dangerous treaty through have decided that the Irish were not capable of deciding what they wanted at the time so are forcing a rerun on the vote. The situation is now, that the countries that they thought would vote against it are not getting a chance to vote and the one country who voted against it is being forced to have a rerun in the hope the voters change their minds. Are they going to keep having reruns until they get the result they are looking for? Are we now starting a trend to keep the electorate voting until they get the results they think is the right one in every type of election? What is the point of an election if you are not going to accept the result, is this not how a dictatorship is run?
Depriving us of our chance to express our views THIS TIME could seriously affect our destiny on future alterations to the treaty, leaving us wide open to more or all of our decisions being made by anonymous nonentities who no nothing, and care nothing about our laws, culture and most of all what WE know is best for our country.
I do not agree with some of UKIPs policies but at least they have the gumption to see the danger signs coming from this useless union and with the two main parties set on staying in it we have another reason other than the expenses farce, to look elsewhere for a party that is willing to listen and carry out the wishes of the people who put them in power.
I am not sure who to vote for YET in the general election but I am positive it will NOT be either Labour or Tory and according to the surveys neither will the majority, a majority who have no wish to be part of a EU dictatorship.

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  1. Yes Donald, and I absolutely agree with your point of view on the Lisbon Treaty - it should be stopped! The EU is such a farce in reality, and I voted for Libertas, (you could read more on but not enough did so here in The netherlands - unfortunately :S