Friday, 5 June 2009

The justice system fails again.

So once again we have failure throughout the justice system in this country, with Dano Sonnex released, after all the warnings from him personally, and his actions, proving how dangerous he is to society and allowing him to take the lives of two innocent victims. Once again we have the Justice Minister (Jack Straw) apologizing to the families of murdered victims because this country would rather let murderers and criminals free to roam our streets to do as they please.
How many more feeble apologies do we have to listen to before the justice system realises that criminals have to be locked away and punished for their crimes and not allowed to wreak havoc in our so called civilised society.
Have the dogooder brigade learned anything now after this latest disgrace of the murders of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, or is the release of criminals and lackadaisical way these scum are treated going to continue, and am I going to be decrying this useless system again?
It is not so very long ago when I was writing on the same subject, so am I going to have to write the same again only with new names in the near future?
Is some poor innoncent soul walking the streets NOW going to have his face on the front of the newspapers with a story of how they were murdered by an idiot,that should never have been let out of prison by an even bigger idiot?
Until we get people who care about our saftey into these jobs of justice and protection of the innocent, we will always have murders on the front page, and as long as they who are in them NOW take such a lackadaisical view of their position, none of us can feel safe anywhere.
Apologies are no use to the relatives, as apologies do not mend a broken heart or fill the void left when someone is suddenly taken from them, so all you dogooders think on that, when faced with the decision of whether to release violent criminals back into society or to keep them in jail where they belong.
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  1. I have always been of the opinion that prisoners should have no rights. They should forfeit them once they are convicted and sent to gaol. There are too many people out there who fight for the rights of these criminals at the expense of our rights to live in a safe society.

  2. I am disgusted by the news. Prison is the best hotel on UK soil and there is no lesson to be learned by the criminals. Sadly the powers that be are more concerned about scanning your hands before you can use the Internet than whether you are safe over there. (Ex Pat Brit in Cyprus)