Friday, 2 October 2009

Paid in cash by us for serving time in jail.

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I have been so sick to the teeth, about all the ridiculous things happening here that I did not know which one to write about. So many choices of disgusting decisions by the people we depend on to serve justice on the perpetrators of this country that always seem to end up making a laughing stock of the system which was supposedly made to protect the innocent, and punish the criminal.
Not so it seems,as we are paying out money (over two thousand pounds) to disruptive prisoners who were locked away separately from other more peaceful prisoners for the safety of the said more peaceful prisoners, and the prison officers.
We have paid out thousands of pounds to pay off prisoners who claimed their human rights were being abused because they had to slop out.
These offender knew what they were getting into when they committed their crimes, and knew what would happen to them if they were disruptive, so why are we paying them money when they should be getting punished, a punishment they knew they would get, and deserve?

We have a convicted murderer in Scotland,(Beggs, the limbs in the loch murderer) who had already killed once and through a technicality was released to kill again, which he did.
In prison for the second murder he committed he has been trying to appeal against his conviction for the ten years we have managed to keep him behind bars, but now some fool has decided to allow him to appeal, on the slight technicality of the case being made too public before it went to court.
Knowing the idiots that run our justice system (the Magrahi affair an example although there are many more) this double murderer is more than likely to be released by the system that calls itself justice.
He only wants out to kill again, and make another laughing stock of our courts,as he obviously gets as many kicks out of that as he does when he takes a life, but then again, as it is so easy to make a fool of our justice system, maybe the kicks for that are getting less, and he will kill more people this time.
The time of the courts and the money spent on this appeal should not have been wasted on this vermin, and if he does get out he might find he would have been safer in prison, because the people of this nation are so sick of what is happening here HIS life might be in danger, as a well meaning member of the public might just cut his throat, giving him the justice he deserved for the first murder he committed, not to mention the second, which would never have happened if it were not for the fools who let him go.

As for the payments to the poor wee souls in jail.
Well, they will soon be coming out with more money than they earned from the crime they committed to put them in there, and with the lenient sentences that are handed out here, it might just be worth it if we all got in on the act.

Well why should our criminals have all the fun and profit when it is us that is paying for it?

When they are looking for the answer to the question of why there is so much crime in the country, they need look no further than our stupid human rights law and the idiots that enforce it.
We are not allowed to punish mischievous children who, turn into bad teenagers, who, get sympathy rather than punishment, who turn into the murderers, and violent criminals that roam our streets waiting to be caught and make a fool of our policemen, and law lords who's hands are tied because of the human rights law.
When are we going to see sense and scrap it?

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