Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Peter Mandelson.

MandelsonImage by skuds via Flickr

I don't know why Peter Mandelson thinks he is an authority on the post office given the fact the only connection he has with it is spouting his mouth off on a subject he knows nothing about, but then again he is better known for that than anything else at the moment, other than the fact that he was bombed out of the labour party twice.

Recalled again without a vote, it shows the dire straights the present labour government are in when they have to fall back on a useless article such as him.
The only input he ever has had on politics has been damaging, and nothing has changed, its a good thing for this country that after the coming elections he will once again be where he belongs.
As far away as possible from the power that runs this country.

"Don't despair labour can still win" was his last war cry. Desperate words from a desperate bunch of has beens.

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  1. Well done, we should get this message out to everyone.

    Dorothy from grammology