Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Paternal leave.

Why all the panic in the news about fathers taking leave to spend time with their newborn.?
Most fathers are only too glad to get out of the house and back to work, and their wives delighted to wave them off at the door, after all its the mother the baby needs most, especially if they are getting breast fed. The child needs this connection with the mother in the early stages of its life, the father is the hunter, gatherer, who should stay as such.
The few fathers who want time off with their newborn, should look to the past when this was never heard of, when men were men, and they got on with the job allocated to them, which was bringing in the money to keep the family.
Its bad enough the amount of time women get off, but to jeopardise industry by including the men in this is getting beyond a joke.
If couples want to have children it is them who should work around the system, not the system work around them.

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  1. Donald,
    You are so good at bringing these subjects to the surface, this is why I admire you and enjoy reading your post.

  2. The new system will work nicely for my daughter and her new husband. They are hoping for a family next year. She has just had the promotion of a lifetime and is the main bread winner. Her hubby is dyslexic and would like some time to improve his reading and writing. He would also like to renovate a little family home, so he will take time out when needed. Times have changed so much. They were going to do this regardless but now it works in their favour.

  3. Yes thats not so bad Glynis, its the thought of both parents taking time off together that got to me. The occupation I was in could never allow for crew taking time off, as every hand counted, and in these days the father taking time off for the birth even, was never heard of, never mind getting paid to do so. Changed times as you say.

  4. Ah, a tit bit, or more, gender discrimination? Interesting topic.

  5. The husband may pamper the wifes.. then let her to make more and more contact with the baby. This will make the baby feel comfort...!!