Friday, 9 October 2009

Energy bills to rise again. Whats new?

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Here we go again the same old story, from the energy companies, winter approaching, and the threat of big rises announced.
Ofgem announced today that the cost of gas and electricity could go up by as much as sixty percent in the next decade, the excuse being that British resources in gas are dwindling, and the big companies have to fork out for new sources like wind power etc.
We import enough gas from Norway to feed the whole of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and we import from other sources in Europe to meet our other needs, so why are they using this as an excuse?
We have been selling electricity to other countries for years, but it never made it any cheaper for us, especially in Scotland where we have generated enough hydro power to sell to other countries, and still do.
Its the same with the oil, it was never any cheaper here just another source of income for the government in two ways. One was the tremendous revenue it took directly from the oil companies, the other of course was the ridiculous tax charged at the pumps plus added VAT.
If the energy companies want to progress into wind farms, solar power, or the waves the sea provides, they should be using the enormous profits they are making now to expand into other fields, not rip off the consumer to pay for their ambitions.

OFGEM is supposed to be working for the consumer, NOT the energy companies, but it was them and not the big companies who announced the usual rip off we have come to expect at this time of year, with a different excuse each time.

I have to ask the question, is OFGEM working for us or the energy companies? If they are working for us as they are supposed to be, then why are they not putting a stop to this rip off year after year, instead of helping the rip off merchants to announce their scam?
It appears to me that they are doing more for the energy companies, so therefore they should be paying their wages instead of the taxpayer, after all they are absolutely of no service to us.
Other businesses only branch out when they can afford to, so why are this lot being allowed to take liberties every year. Changing over to green energy is just an excuse to make money for nothing, and the government is as guilty as the rest, as they too are using it as an excuse to line their pockets.
Its all very well thinking of the planet, of that I agree, but to go to the extremes this lot are going to just because they see an opening of backing from a percentage of the public who are genuinely concerned, there is no need to pretend that slapping tax on everything is the answer to the problem.
That is the answer to every problem in the world today slap a tax on it, raise the price and put it out of reach of the poorest, and the most needy.
Who do they think they are kidding, for every idea like these, they jump on the bandwagon, and rub their hands, thinking they have the backing of the population, and once again they can fleece us, this time with the very things that concern us.

Its time we were looking at solving the problems of the world in a realistic way, by getting to the root of it, NOT by extorting money.
We have come to a point where all the money has BEEN extorted from us so they will HAVE to try something else, the power companies included, until we get on an even keel again.
Every household in the land will have to tighten their belts, a favourite saying rammed down our throats by governments when things get tough, and a saying THEY will have to take heed of.
WE will get by with thrift, and its about time they all did the same.
The energy companies to expand when they can afford it, the government to cancel THE TRIDENT MISSILES, and IDENTITY CARDS to name but two items that would save billions.
Go ahead when we can afford them, if they are wanted then, but forget about them now.
Most of us think that both of these items are unnecessary but as usual we will be ignored by the people who we put in power to look after our interests, the same people who refused us the vote on the Lisbon Treaty, and the same people who dug this hole we now find ourselves in.

Whatever way we look at it the future is far from rosy, be it greenhouse gasses or the gasses spouted by our politicians, it will be a long while if ever before there are any green shoots of recovery for the working man.

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  2. Hear! Hear! Donald ...another great post! And it's through you I can also "get it off my chest"
    This government needs to be replaced..they're forever ripping off the people who unfortunately voted them in, whilst lining their own pockets

  3. Yes, I agree that we are all being ripped off. We may have voted the Government in (according to how they counted the votes)but nobody voted Gordon Brown into power, so what's he doing there?