Wednesday, 27 October 2010

European laws on human rights.

European Court of Human Rights - Cour Européen...Image via WikipediaOnce again we have the court of the European Law for human rights changing laws to suit the criminal.
Scotland has to fall into line with the rest of Europe and allow criminals who are being questioned to have a lawyer present at all times when being questioned.
I have no qualms with this, but I do object, if cases from the past are going to benefit from this new law, even if it was as soon as the day before this judgement comes into play.

The officers followed the law when questioning criminals of the past, so anyone questioned without a lawyer present then should not be considered to benefit from this NEW law as it has no relevance to past cases.
What chance have the police if all their hard work of the past is quashed by one of the new changes the European Union come up with every day just to prove to the community that they are still alive?

How many murderers and rapists are going to be freed because of this, and if they decide to change another law, are we always going to go back and look at old cases, fill our already over stretched courts to set more killers free?
Did the release of Megrahi not bring enough shame on our nation, or are we going to be a laughing stock again by letting more killers off scot free?

I have yet to hear of a case of an innocent victim being helped by the law of human rights, only criminals who do not deserve the use of this law.
The victims should be given more consideration than the criminals and any new laws should be for them, not rules that allows the criminal element of our society to make a bigger mockery of the system while having a good laugh at the leniency of justice in today's sad world.

For all the good they are to the innocent people it was designed for, it should be renamed "The European Court of Human Rights for Criminals," as they are the only ones who benefit from it.

Its a pity their laws and actions are not as impressive as their building in the picture above, then they might prove worthy of such a place to hold court, as it is an old hut would suffice.

For an organization that was contrived to HELP victims it does anything but!
It is time some common sense was brought back into our failing justice system and we start to punish criminals again.
If they want to keep on committing crimes then they must be prepared to take their punishment, not go crying to human rights and expect sympathy.
If in fact they commit serious crimes they should lose all entitlement to that law as some of the crimes committed are not humane, and do not justify protection from a court that is supposed to be for HUMAN RIGHTS!
These people are NOT human, and have NO rights.

The world is already suffering more at the hands of criminals thanks to the absence of justice, its time to take a stand or pity help our future generations.
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  1. It's the same here in the States Donald. Another problem are bleeding-heart judges that sympathize with criminals and give them minimal sentences.

    G'day - Maxi

  2. The worm will turn Maxi, the people only stand so much then rebel, and that time is fast approaching.