Friday, 12 November 2010

David Camerons visit to China

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 - David Cameron, Le...Image via WikipediaSome people in Britain are faulting David Cameron on his visit to China for concentrating his efforts on promoting business first instead of pointing out the faults regarding China's "human rights laws" or rather the lack of them.

If China is watching the disastrous attempts at justice in Europe that the European Courts of Human Rights has forced upon us then they must be disgusted at the very thought of Cameron, or any other European leader suggesting that they follow in their footsteps.

I am all for the human rights laws when they are used for the purpose they were introduced, but when criminals are the main beneficiaries then its time we looked at our own pathetic rules before preaching to others, no matter how cruel we seem to think their laws are.

I do not approve of some of the things China's dictatorship dishes out, but lessons could be learned from both parties on justice, as China at least treats crimes like rape and murder with the contempt they deserve and punish these offenders which make their streets a safer place to be than ours.
The victims of these crimes in China get justice which is more than can be said for us, so anyone who expects China to fall into our ways should think again, because the example Europe has set in that respect has made them a laughing stock rather than act to follow.

Once we start to use the "human rights laws" to benefit victims, and stop criminals abusing the system, then we might get countries like China and their like, to sit up and take notice, but until then we should keep our heads down and start protecting our own countrymen.

I am well aware of the political prisoners that they have in China, jailed for speaking against the regime, and for others who are punished for similar beliefs, but through time these dictatorships will soften and see the error of their ways as others have, though hopefully they wont go to the other extreme like us and have the criminals doing the dictating.

When these people commit their crimes they are well aware of the punishment it warrants (or should warrant) so they should forfeit all claims to the Human Rights Laws and all the other luxuries that are loaded upon them by the disillusioned do-gooders we seem to breed these days.

It used to be that the majority were catered for but nowadays its the minority who are listened to and it is taking us down a road we will never recover from if we let it continue.

By all means HAVE a human rights law but make sure it is the decent human beings who benefit from it, and not the scum who are allowed to abuse our system.
Sort that out and you will get the respect from other countries who might THEN listen to you, but until that time, realise how disgusted the majority of Europeans are at the misuse of this law never mind outsiders.

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