Saturday, 16 October 2010

What a weird race we are.

Miner in a mine of the "Cerro Rico" ...Image via WikipediaIt was great to see the successful rescue operation of the Chilean miners bringing euphoria throughout the world, showing how the human race can unite in times of trouble.
People followed, and felt sorrow not only for the trapped miners but also for their loved ones as the days of despair turned to hope, then finally salvation from what could have been death by being buried alive.
Not one person wanted any harm to come to any of these men even though the majority of us never knew them, or anything about them until we heard the news of their ordeal.

It shows what a weird race we are when we feel this way about faceless people, when some of the same people who wished the miners well, can go out and murder neighbours, loved ones, countrymen and women for various reasons without any remorse.

We are a race that can fight together to beat the enemy during wars, fight side by side in the face of adversary, but when it is all over we can fall out with our own neighbours to the point of assault or even murder.
It takes us all our time to live together in harmony even with close family, although we rally together in times of need.

It's just a pity it takes tragedies to unite us, and that we can't find it in our hearts to live together in harmony at all times.

Oh how different this world would be if we could achieve this, no more wars, no more killing, no more crimes.

Chile is a mostly catholic country and the faith of the miners and their people helped to bring them through their time of trouble, but religions of all kinds were united in their prayers for the stricken miners.

Why may I ask is religion the cause of most wars now, and in history?

The very faiths that practises peace, love and unity, and try to brainwash us into living our lives in such a way, are the very same faiths that cause the most disruption in this world.

The miners who were trapped deserved all the compassion we gave them, but so does the rest of our fellow men, not only in times of trouble, but in their everyday life too.
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  1. Once again I whole heartedly agree with you Donald. It's a shame it takes a disaster nowadays for everyone to stick together as a "Community".