Friday, 9 July 2010

The Megrahi atrocity.

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If anyone was ever in any doubt about the disgust of the Americans over Megrahi being released on farcical, compassionate grounds, then these doubters should now think again.

The senators in America are asking for an enquiry into why he was released, supposedly having only three months to live, and now, after almost a year, we are being told he could live for anything from ten to twenty years yet.

If the American people were not bothered any more about this farce then they would not want to spend time and money on a case they couldn't care less about.

The whole thing was a farce right from the beginning, as it took more than one man to carry out the Lockerbie bombing, which means there are plenty others who got off scot-free, with Megrahi being made the fall guy for them.

This should never have meant that he got released without proving his innocence,as a life sentence should mean life, and he was found guilty of 270 murders thanks to his part in bringing down the Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie with a bomb.

He refused his chance to prove if he was innocent or not, and in the eyes of the law he is guilty, and should have ended his life in prison, not that his prison cell was any hardship.

270 lives taken and not one bit of consideration for the victims or their families, no one ever paying the price for these deaths, other than the loved ones left behind who had to try and pick up the pieces of their ruined lives, ruined by the unscrupulous politics of a minority of people who, rather than live in peace, would rather terrorize the worlds peace loving population for their own greedy gain, or revenge.

Politics was at the root of it all, and anyone involved in this atrocity should hang their heads in shame,be it for their part in the bombing, or their part of the farcical justice, but instead we have hypocritical visits by politicians to the memorials erected to the dead, where they pretend to care.

This is the world we live in now, and these are the disgusting people who have infiltrated our governments, with no shame or conviction of what real justice should be.
Never before has the phrase "THE LAW IS AN ASS" been so appropriate.

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