Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Scotlands shame

It makes me cringe every time I see the the caption "Justice Minister for Scotland" under the name of Kenny MacAskill when he appears on our TV screens, with a smug look on his face to blatantly defend his decision to free al-Megrahi.
His sense of justice, along with Alex Salmond's is sadly lacking when they decided to release the murderer of 270 people on the grounds of compassion, claiming this was their only reason for the release, giving all sorts of excuses and quoting Scottish law in their defence, also trying to make out it was the wishes of the majority of the Scottish people.
They never once thought to explain why they have compassion for a mass murderer, a man who slaughtered 270 people over the skies of Lockerbie, and was the cause of so much trauma for the hundreds of people, made up of police, army and other rescue services involved in the recovery of limbs, and other body parts that were strewn around the hillsides.
They stand there, no shame, no remorse, and no thought for the victims or their families, almost proud that they were part of this despicable deed, despised by the Americans, and also despised by the majority of the Scottish people who they foolishly believe agreed with their outrageous decision.
The revulsion of the Scottish people will be shown in the coming election, when the Scottish National Party will be relegated to the shadows of the political back benches, their rise halted by one decision that shamed a nation.
Megrahi might have gotten away with his crime but the S.N.P. will not.
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  1. Donald thanks for visiting, glad to see your still blogging.

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. I didn't know about this news, until now that I read this on your blog! Thank you for sharing!

    It's almost Christmas, and I would like to wish you much joy and peace in the holidays, and the year ahead! :) For you and for your family! :)