Monday, 19 July 2010

The British justice system needs a boot up the backside.

So the High Court in London has ruled at the cost of £200,000 of taxpayers money that the Yorkshire Ripper must spend a "whole life tariff" for the murders of thirteen women and the attempted murders of seven more, which was music to the ears of the people closely involved with his horrific crimes, and to anyone else who wants to see justice being done.

The stupid thing is, that even after all that expense to reach a sensible, and positive judgement, thanks to the idiotic legal system we have here, this vile man will be allowed to appeal again.

The first appeal should never have been allowed, never mind anymore.
This waste of space should have died the way his victims died, or at the very least, been locked away and forgotten about until he died, with no mention of his name ever coming to light again to rekindle the life long trauma his survivors, and victim's relatives go through every day.

As for the weak justice system in Scotland that I am always bring to the attention of my readers, another case of murder has appeared in our courts by a convicted murderer, given the joke, "life sentence" and released out into our streets to kill again, only two years after his release.

The term, "life sentence" was really made a mockery of by a TV reporter who stated when commenting on Scotland's latest disgrace, "this man had already served a life sentence."

Now what happened here I ask?

How could he possibly have served a "LIFE SENTENCE?"

Did this man die in jail and come back to life to kill again?

NO! This man was released by our justice system after serving just over ten years.

Why call it a LIFE SENTENCE?

Is ten years the expected life span of a man who is only forty?

That is the age "Philip Fraser" was when convicted of his first vicious murder, released to kill another victim in the same fashion as his first, two years later.

Another innocent life taken through the stupidity of idiots who think violent murderers should be given another chance to prove their worth to society, when at one time they would have been rightly executed, giving some satisfaction to the relatives of the victims and some sense of justice and relief to terrorized members of the public who are afraid to walk our streets.

This case brought the newspaper I read "The Scottish Daily Record" to mention four other such cases of "life sentenced" murderers who went on to kill again soon after they were released, a subject I am forever mentioning in this blog, plus the other violent criminals who rape or violently assault soon after being released from the ridiculously short sentences they have been given.

Have the people who reach these ludicrous decisions no sense of shame or guilt when they find out that their compassion for a killer or rapist has led to the death or brutal rape of another innocent?

I have said it before, and I will say it again.
These people are as guilty and should serve a prison sentence to.

It also brought the reporter on TV to say that the recent events might kick start the shakeup, our justice system needs.


Then of course we have the Megrahi scandal, the most prominent released murderer, with the politicians involved in his release still denying anything but compassion, was the reason for it, and quite proud of the fact that they set another convicted murderer free.

He might not kill again, but think what it is doing to the people who suffered through his crime, when they see him survive another day to relish the luxuries plied on him by his hero worshipers.

The politicians will never admit to any shady deals, but the majority of American and British people will never be happy with the disgraceful decision they took, for whatever reason, and always look on them with contempt.

They have no shame, but they have landed a nation with shame, through a deed that will not go away no matter how much they would like it to

Lets hope the American government's enquiry, brings out the truth, and the politicians get their comeuppance they so richly deserve.

Let justice reign in this country again, where it has almost all but disappeared.

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