Thursday, 3 September 2009

Alex Salmond should be showing some humility.

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So Alex Salmond is still desperate to have a referendum on Scotland going it alone, with his party, the Scottish National Party, set to continue governing Scotland.

Some people are so thick that they just never get the message, so let him have his referendum if he wishes, to drill it into his thick arrogant skull that his party have blown it by releasing the Lockerbie bomber against the wishes of the majority of the Scottish public.

This one deed has scuppered all the good work his party have achieved, and it has done enough to prove to the nation that they cannot be trusted to be put in a position of resposibility, so instead of being so arrogant in the Scottish parliament, he should be showing some humility, now he knows the Scottish people did not want Megrahi's release.

It would be better though if we just ignored his wishes, after all the election is creeping ever closer, and it would save money if we waited and voted him out then, which is going to happen whether he believes it or not.

Anyway why should we grant his wishes when he never granted the scottish nation theirs, by keeping Megrahi in prison until he was dead?

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