Monday, 7 September 2009

Dennis the menace

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Political correctness has reached an all time low, now it is interfering with established characters in children's comics.
What are these idiots going to think up next, and just when is all this nonsense going to end?
Poor Dennis has had his peashooter, and catapult confiscated for good, plus his dog Gnasher has now to act as if he has been trained by Barbara Woodhouse. (A famous TV dog trainer from the past for those who have never heard of her.) Dennis has to be so good there will be no need for P.C Murdoch to chase him, not even tell him off for playing football in the street.
It is OK making the excuse that Dennis has changed over the years,because change or no change he has always been a menace, so this new toffee nosed kid will not wash with the readers. Who wants to read about a poncy little boy with a timid dog afraid to say boo to a ghost?
If he is not allowed to BE the same mischievous menace he has been down through the years, then the MENACE part should be withdrawn from his name, and without the menace after Dennis, it just ain't the same boy.
This new character will certainly get laughs, but not in the way they are expecting,
it will be more like ridicule, tee hee rather than belly laugh Ho Ho.
Has Scotland not suffered enough with the Megrahi affair without taking away our typical mischievous little boy from us.
He is after all only an innocent CARTOON character not a computer animation who goes around slaughtering everyone, and everything in sight.
Its time to bring some reality into our children's lives again instead of taking away an enjoyable character, generations have grown up with, without any related mishaps.
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  1. Dennis is one of my favourites too. Many old favourites are now 'politically incorrect'.

    There was 'Noddy and Big Ears', and the 'Magic Roundabout'. Whatever next? We really should ban 'Goldilocks and The 3 Bears' (cruelty to bears), 'The 3 Little Pigs' (discrimation against pigs) and as for 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'....well, need I say more?