Friday, 18 September 2009

OFGEM, how useless can a company get?

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If the government is playing games with where to make the best cuts in order to gain votes to try and dig them out of the hole they have buried themselves in over their dying months, then they need look no further than the regulator "OFGEM" as their lack of authority in "regulating" the "big six" power companies makes them even more useless than the government.
They can point out to the main energy suppliers that they are fleecing the public, but can do nothing about it.

As the price of energy is supposed to be regulated by the price of oil, and as the price of oil has fallen, the rip off merchants are still telling us that prices will go up rather than down, giving us the excuse that the energy we are buying now was purchased at the higher rate. The regulator accepts these lies without question, and never asks for an explanation on how the bills never come down when the energy bought at the cheaper rate comes into the equation.

We do not need to waste money on OFGEM if that is the only control they have over the "big six", as the general public are a lot quicker off the mark in noticing these rip offs given the fact that it us that has to worry about meeting the extortionate bills.

If the government are looking to make cuts, then this is one company that won't be missed, unless they give them the power to do something about the "regulating" in their job title, otherwise why spend the money on them.

It might not be much of a saving, but as the saying goes, "look after the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves."
Their are enough people getting paid for doing nothing in this country without this farcical company, who are as much use to the public as an ash tray on a motorbike.

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