Wednesday, 22 July 2009

This is no justice minister.

I was disgusted when I watched a program on TV last night called "The dark side of teenage sex" all about why teenagers who have committed sex crimes, do so, and why most of them are allowed back on our streets to commit more crimes of the same, or worse still, leading to murder.
All the excuses and sympathy was directed at the offenders, with little thought given to the victims, as is per usual in this country.
When asked why these vile criminals are allowed out to reoffend, the justice minister for Scotland Kenny McCaskill came up with the answer that they were all closely monitored, but when asked why the system failed, came up with the most ludicrous answer you could ever expect a Justice minister to come up with.
"Well these are bad people" he said, and continued with "They will find a way to reoffend whether they are being monitored or not, because some of these people are REALLY bad."
WELL! I have to ask, WHY, if these people are REALLY bad, and can escape the monitoring of the police, are they allowed out of our prisons to reoffend, with the distinct probability of taking the lives of other unsuspecting victims?
I think by his answers that the title of "justice minister" is the last thing he should be called, or any other person with the same opinion.
It shows the state of our justice system when we have somebody like him at the head of it, and its high time the victims were treated as VICTIMS instead of taking second place to the scum that commits the vile deeds.
Some sympathy can be given to them that had been abused in the past, with these actions having led them into the criminal life they lead now, but they should never be allowed out until it is safe to do so, and if they can never be guaranteed to be trusted then so be it, KEEP THEM LOCKED UP and have some consideration for the general public who deserve to feel safe when going innocently about their daily business.
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