Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lose the Scottish accent Andrew Neil.

Human St Andrews flag at Murrayfield, Scotland...Image by via Flickr

Andrew Neil from the "Daily Politics Show" on BBC 2 seems to be an Englishman at heart with a Scottish accent. If he is so against the country of his birth with all its new policies and self government, why doesn't he lose the accent too, and save the people of Scotland anymore embarassment; by other nations thinking that he is typical of Scots.
He now stays in England and his allegiance is obviously towards England, so when he is decrying Scotland he might as well speak with an English accent, and go the whole hog.
With his attitude and disrespect for Scotland he is no loss to our cause, so do us all a favour and cut all your ties with the proud nation that is "SCOTLAND" and enjoy your new country with its Great Britain endeavours to hold on to the oil revenue and cricket that you seem to like so much.
No harm to the English as they are, and should be proud of their nation too, like all nationalists, not turncoats like Andrew Neil.
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