Sunday, 12 July 2009

Keep us informed of our troops victories.

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The media are very quick at reporting the deaths of our brave soldiers, which is no bad thing as the British public have a right to know how many lives are being wasted in Afghanistan, for a cause that is becoming very costly in both lives and money.
It would be nice to hear of the losses the Taliban suffer, and although it would be little consolation to the families of the troops that are being killed it might at least show that their deaths have not been in vain.
During the two world wars the media would report the defeats of our enemies in the many battles that raged over many lands, and by doing so gave the British public faith in their troops and hope of a better world to come.
Sadly the better world did not transpire, but we knew of the losses and victories our soldiers went through, so why are we not told of the successes our troops are having now, instead of only reporting their deaths?
By reporting the progress they are making, whether it be slow or rapid, would let everyone concerned know that it is not a futile cause our troops are dieing for, and that there might be an end to this conflict that has gone on long enough.
The way in which the media are reporting the conflict reads as if it is only our troops that are suffering losses, so why do they not amend this and give the families in mourning, some solace in the face of their adversity.
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  1. I agree.. And regarding your last statement, it would indeed be of some comfort for the mourning families to know that their loved ones did not die for nothing.