Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Human Rights Brigade.

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Once again when justice is seen to be served in our courts the famous war cry from the Human rights brigade rears its ugly head.
They are now claiming that the sentences being handed out in court to the looters and rioters from last weeks disgrace are too severe.
It is obvious that none of them suffered the loss of their business stock or were burned out of house and home by these criminals, nor would any of them have been terrorized by these thugs when being involuntary caught up in the riots.
Do they not realize that it is thanks to them that discipline has been taken from the home and justice taken from our courts.
The Human Rights Laws have been taken to the extreme by this minority and it is mainly because of this that these riots took place.
Thanks to them, parents are afraid to chastise their children, and our police forces are afraid to do their job in case of reprisals from the abused Human Rights laws.
The only way to prevent more of these riots taking place is to dish out severe sentences to these lawless mobs or it will become more common place.
Discipline begins in the home from where respect arises and these two important factors are what is sadly missing in today's society.

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