Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Englands riots.

The main reason for the rioting in England is the lack of discipline in the past and the misuse of the Human Rights laws coming home to roost.

The police had to stand and watch the thugs run riot because thanks to the goody goodies, the police were too afraid of repercussion to their actions thanks to the misuse of the Human Rights rulings.
The police are not living in fear of the thugs and criminals, they are living in fear of the very people they are trying to protect, who jump at every chance they get to find fault in everything they do.
What good is a police force when it has come to this?
It is time that offenders such as these and all convicted criminals were refused Human Rights, then maybe our police forces could go in with some confidence when having to deal with these situations.

These disgusting scenes will become more common place in our streets if sense is not allowed to prevail and punishment is brought back to all levels of our society.

There is never any justice dished out in our courts to appease the victims of crime and in recent years all criminals are able to seek refuge or compensation by using a law that was introduced to protect the downtrodden of this world, not to be abused by anyone who discovers a loophole.

Its time to wake up to this ridiculous abuse of the Human Rights law, use it for the purpose and people it was meant to protect or the consequences will become even more dire.

These recent events prove that you cannot fight violence with a softly softly approach when all you succeed in doing is be laughed at by criminals.
Its time to take a stand and bring discipline back into our society, starting with the home, our schools and the courts.

The fools who think we should have sympathy for these thugs should be sent to the front line to face the thugs and see then if their tactics work.
They wouldn't be so quick to shout about Human Rights for everyone when they were being attacked.

Use the law in a sensible way and maybe then we will all sleep easier at night.
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