Friday, 19 November 2010

Government monopoly

Southern Ireland have found that they are in need of more money to bail them out of the recession that has been thrust upon us all, and Britain is considering supplying some of that money.
We are also going to fork out 14 million pounds between 16 men who were imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The latter being a ridiculous amount to pay to men who are suspected of terrorism, even though they might not have carried out any of the acts......... well not that we could prove anyway. These men were not just picked at random off the streets to make it look as if our security forces were worth their salt.
These men had been doing enough to warrant their arrest by showing some connection to terrorist groups and through this more acts of terrorism was prevented. Just because they did not commit any of these acts themselves does not mean that they were not involved in some way or would have carried out some had they not been detained.

It does puzzle me somewhat given that Britain is in the worst financial position since the second world war, or possibly ever, as to where we can find the money to bail out Ireland, pay millions to terror suspects and to compensate criminals who exploit the European Law of Human Rights.

It is obvious that the government deal in monopoly money taken from a bottomless pit, while WE the public have to work with real money, and budget our earnings to suit our income, an act governments around the world are incapable of carrying out.

The markets have to rise and fall to make it possible for the speculators to make money, be it monopoly or real, and if these markets keep on the up it brings the threat of prosperity to the poorer classes, so to keep us in our place recessions are concocted which gives the rich another stepping stone towards their next million.

The answer to any construed recession is to tax the poorer members of the community heavily which allows the rich to get richer, and knocking us back to square one again, all the time having been brainwashed into thinking it has to be done to repay money the government borrowed to keep Britain and other countries viable.

The cost of living rises every year and the amount of money our governments work with also rises, so much so that the astronomical amounts being mentioned now are so ridiculous that soon we will all be using monopoly money, as the point rapidly approaches when the financial wealth of the world is less than we are spending.

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  1. Donald Swarbick!!!! There you are!!!!! My goodness, for how long have you been away????? :) So that's why!!!!! Because you've fluttered away from your unfeathered angels and have landed here on your new blog!!!!

    I didn't realize that you are living in Ireland! My goodness! This makes you all the more interesting, I must say! :) :)


  2. Hi Charity, nice to hear from you again. This blog has been running longer than "insights" its just that the stories there must have intrigued you so much you missed out on it ha ha. Nice to have you back. There are some questions regarding your book I would like to ask you if you wish to contact me.

  3. Wait... you are based in Scotland, I can see from your profile. Not Ireland, and you are just writing about the Irish financial catastrophe at the moment, shall I call it a catastrophe?? I hope that's alright..

    I would love to answer any questions you may have, about my book.. :)

  4. I have left my email address at BC for you.

  5. It's stunning that Britain would consider bailing out Southern Ireland considering the turmoil in their own country.

    Great article Donald - Maxi

  6. Britain always seems to find money for other countries but can never muster up enough to keep us going Maxi,its all one big rip-off.