Thursday, 10 June 2010

The absense of justice in Scotland.

I have written many times about my disapproval of so called Scottish Justice, and if anyone had any doubt whether my disgust was justified or not here is a prime example of how ridiculous it is.

My local paper, "The Ayrshire Post" brought this story to my notice of an incident such as I have spoken about where scum has been released by do-gooders only to commit a worse crime than the ones he had been caged up for, but released long before his time was served.

A cross dressing serial pervert murdered a young woman after being released from prison THIRTEEN YEARS early.

Gavin Boyd was let out of prison just seven years into a twenty years sentence- to kill 20 year old Vikki McGrand, and to make matters worse minimum supervision was given to the highly dangerous sex offender in the weeks leading up to the murder.
He had been in Peterhead Prison (a high security prison for the most dangerous criminals) from 1999 after a terrifying sex attack on a teenager which left her scarred for life.
He had TWICE been released from a state mental hospital before he committed THAT assault, but despite his shocking record he was set FREE in 2006.
His crimes consisted from first convicted in 1977 aged 18 of theft and willful fire raising (admitted to Carstairs Mental Hospital) released nine years later and quickly committed crimes he was convicted of, for indecent assault, theft, housebreaking, breach of the peace, and breach of bail.
He was recalled to the mental hospital but the authorities released him AGAIN in 1992.
THEN in 1999 while on licence he tried to rape a 19 year old girl in her home, repeatedly hitting her with a knife.
The young woman was left disfigured as a result of the attack.

All these sick crimes committed, but he was STILL released to KILL Vikki McGrand!

When are the idiots who release these scum back into society going to learn that their way only leads to more crime with needless loss of innocent lives, and that these people need to be locked up away from decent human beings.

I have said it before, that if it were some of their family who were murdered by scum,THEY had released then they would see the error of their ways, and keep evil behind bars.
Personally if one of mine came to harm from scum that had been in prison and had been released by some idiot in power, I would want the person responsible for the scum walking the streets to serve a prison sentence too as THEY are as much to blame as the criminal.

As I say, this is a prime example of the lack of justice in Scotland, and until it is rectified we will never be safe walking our streets, or in this case even our homes.
What a sad picture of Scotland the rest of the world gets from these cases, and if the Scottish National Party had the nations interests at heart the way it professes to have then THEY should be prioritizing it as one of their main concerns instead of contributing to it by releasing convicted murderers like Megrahi when they have never proved their innocence.

It is little wonder the public have no faith in our courts when we constantly read of cases like this.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that after being institutionalized and released so many times anyone with a brain would allow this maniac to be released. Are the people sitting on your courts as brain dead as they appear?

  2. I am afraid they are Glenna, since I wrote this another similar case has went through our courts of two pedophiles released too soon, recommitted the same type of crimes, and have now been convicted of murdering a woman who threatened to report them. They have been jailed again, but there is no telling whether they will be released to do the same again. Knowing the idiots who have a say in these matters it could be very likely.

  3. Once again I'm reading your words Donald, that sound as if you're speaking of my country. It's the same here in America. There are horror stories of these animals being released only to inflict their savagery on the innocent.

    All the best - Maxi