Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Green taxes.

Snowfall on trees, Germany.Image via Wikipedia

During this cold spell that is hitting Britain, with deep snow and ice covering the country we have come to rely more and more on the four wheeled drive vehicles to get around on, which have been a tremendous help in trailblazing paths through country roads the gritting lorries have failed to reach through their necessity to concentrate on the main thoroughfares.
Yes, the same four wheel drive cars that have been criticised in the past years when we were going through mild winters.
The same four wheeled drive cars that have been hammered with extra road taxes, because of their gas guzzling qualities, and have been partly blamed for global warming.

If it wasn't for the four wheel drive cars used by emergency services, and help for the aged, many people of all ages would have died because they could not have been reached.

Perhaps the government should be rethinking their green policies, or in other words, their ripoff taxes on these cars, and all the other ways they have conjured up to extort money out of us with the feeble excuses of global warming, because if this is an example of the winters we will suffer in the future we will all have to revert to four wheel drive cars, government ministers too, but then again they will claim it as a necessary expense and con us out of more money.

It is hard to justify all the hullabaloo of global warming during such an extreme spell of weather, and while some may say that this is one of the consequences OF global warming, others might argue that there is no such thing.

Either way, there will be other winters like this when we will need to be reliant on these four wheel drive cars, so instead of moaning about them during the summer months, remember how useful they were, and how many lives they saved, during our harsh winter.

I believe the earth will look out for itself, as it has done throughout its lifetime, without help or hindrance from mankind, with extremes of weather and weather cycles continuing long after mankind has departed from the planet, whether it be through natural occurrences, or mans own folly.

It is their selves our politicians are worried about NOT the planet.
As I have said before, the planet can look after herself, mankind cannot, not when mother nature is the opposition!

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  1. One more quick comment...these photographs look like "home" to me. Great post.

  2. Living in the desert, on the other side of the globe, I can't relate. But love seeing the snow,.. not seeing. It looks very cold and me being a desert person, can't comprehend the cold and everything else that come with the snow.

    Great post as always!

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  4. Hey There Doanld and a Happy New Year to those reading this:
    Two things and as usual I agree with the points of fact.
    Four wheel drives: yes we do need them, for transport in the winter, emergency services, etc. And for the case, I do not drive, never have never will. But yes we do need them.
    Global Warming: I think Mother Nature, is reminding us that She is in charge and not the countries of the Planet. If you have a look at Google Earth, you will see that half the Planet is actually under a blanket of snow and ice at the mo. An exert from "The Day After Tomorrow" but if you ask me "Global Warming" is just another hype from the governments to get more money. But thats only my opinion....

    Great blog as per usual, Donald.

    Aw're the best

  5. Hi Donald, and yes, we have the same kind of winter, and extreme snowfall for this country here, and all the problems you are camping there due to it.
    And here we have also the bitching, and how "a social" these types of cars actually is, and let's tax them extra for it, and whatnot.

    The fact of the warming of the Earth is in the North and the South pole melting at an increased rate, and animals living there being in danger of extinction due to it, and many countries will have problems with higher sea levels soon. So, we obviously are harming the Earth with our pollution, and taking down part of the lungs of the Earth in the Amazon - denying those facts will be foolish.

    On the other hand I do agree that our politicians are not so concerned about Earth and the harm we are doing to it - as the Kopenhagen disaster shows so well, but in getting more and more cash - which unfortunately is not spent for the well-being of the Earth, but for theirs...

  6. "The Earth Will Lookout For Itself," what a great headline. Every word you wrote is so true. We have the same here in the US; ripoff taxes, global warming scam, being conned out of our money.

  7. I live in that part of world where we don't get to see snowfalls....Thanks for this beautiful pic of snowfall.

  8. Have you noticed though that Global Warming isn't mentioned quite as much in the media? It has suddenly become 'Climate Change'. Fishy or what!?


  9. You are quite right, I never gave that much thought until now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  10. Terrific post and I'm not even from Britain! I'm from the other side of the pond but our worries are all the same. I suppose that just affirms how small this beautiful big blue marble we call home really is!

    Loved your 'the planet can look after herself, mankind cannot, not when mother nature is the opposition' statement. And I agree 100%