Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Charge more money, problem solved.

I listened to another idiotic politician in the news on TV this morning ranting on about adding an extra charge onto cans of soft drinks, and sweets to cover the cost of picking up the litter left behind, by the minority of litter louts who discard their cans and sweet papers on the ground after they have finished with them.

Does he not think the seventeen and a half percent Value Added Tax (VAT)we already are charged on these items is enough to cover these costs.

That is all money conned from children, through their treats, for politicians to line their pockets by claiming fraudulent expenses, with no regard to the litter they trod through when they went to collect their ill-gotten gains.

The same politicians who rip us off with extortionate road taxes, and the same VAT on our fuel, supposedly to keep our roads in order, but when it comes to the after effects of the severe cold spell that we have just experienced, we hear the same groans of poverty and excuses as to why they need more money to fix the potholes left in our roads, and pavements due to the severe frost.

If they used the revenue they gather over the year for our roads ON our roads, then we might not grudge the payments we make, but when the majority of the funds collected are spread over other outlets, we are not interested in their excuses, only results.

In addition to the taxes we pay, we also have to pay for the damage done to our vehicles, by the said potholes, which can add up to a pretty penny.

If our adult population with sweet tooth's, and our children ARE conned out of more money, with the feeble excuse of it going to the cleaning up of our streets, it is more than likely that the extra revenue will never reach that department, and end up going elsewhere like the money our motorists are being conned out of, and when the subject of litter comes up again, they will want still more money to cover the cost.

OH the pain and agony the people who solve all our problems must go through to earn their high wages, when they sit in their offices with their white collars, racking their brains to come up with the age old solution to every problem they have had to solve throughout the years.


Whatever way you say it, or look at it, it all comes down to the same thing.

It is going to cost the public more, make us pay and pretend the situation will go away, instead of getting to the root of the problem and end the dilemma by other means.

NO! that would mean they might have to really think, and earn their ridiculous wages, wages plus expenses to stay overnight in the city to come up with the answer
"CHARGE MORE," and we the public fall into their trap, abide by their decisions, and vote them in again.

If we are fool enough to let them, then I suppose we deserve all we get.

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  1. I am so glad to read your outbursts Donald, as I have those too for about the same reasons you mention on this blog. Only, you guys in UK do pay less than us here in The Netherlands, where our VAT is 2% higher than yours, and if I don't err, they are about to make it 20%!!! At times I so much wish that the populace would stand up finally, and send these burocrats - governements where they truly belong...

  2. It seems that the government thinks we have bottomless pockets. In the past there were uprisings and resolutions because of taxes and tithes that were so high the poor people could not eat. It is going that way.

    When the revolution comes the government will pretend to be shocked!

  3. Aye Lizzie, up the revolution. ha ha.

  4. Ay, a good rant. It's time for a change that's for sure. This government is so out of touch with how the people think it's unbelievable. After the expenses scandal they just don't have any credibility. And extra taxes on little kids sweets how machiavellian is that?! More taxes on folks with second homes seems more appropriate:) Roll on the next general election:)

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  6. Thats grand Donald, get the bastards by the balls and twist.
    They seem utterly oblivious of the contempt in which we hold them,irrespective of what party they come from.
    They are all the same,they couldn't manage a whelk stall!

  7. Aye Simon I agree, and I also wonder if things will ever change.

  8. thanks for the hint about stripping the telephone wires; wish I'd known it last week, but I do now, not that I'll ever use it.
    Actually, maybe I will go back into the box I was working on and do it correctly this time.
    sounds like you hate politicians as much as I do.

    Thanks again,

  9. Glad you liked my tip Gregory, but if it is working don't touch it. ha ha.
    The politicians in this country need a complete clear out in all parties to give us new hope for the future, and someone worth voting for in the coming elections.