Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Glasgow by-election.

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Alex Salmond's words of "A Scottish bloc of MPs will unblock Westminster" and "We shall use voting power to make London dance to a Scottish tune" would have had a better chance of ringing true had they not shown how incapable they really are of running the country,or making important decisions, by releasing Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi. That is the rock they perished on, not past manifestos or future promises.
The Scottish people do not forget, even though it means a pathetic bunch of labour candidates getting in.
Its hard to know who to vote for in the coming general election as no one party seems able to carry out the duties required.
When it comes to the crunch it will be the lesser of two evils, a result none of the parties should be proud of.
The fact that the turnout for this by-election was the lowest turnout for a post-war Westminster by-election in Scotland, shows how interested the Scottish people are in electing the money grabbing crooks who now stand for parliament seats to line their own pockets rather than attend to the policies, and people they once used to care for.
Another reason might be the fact that we have been swallowed up by what is now the dictatorship of the European Union.
Either way the public can't win, and have no real say in political decisions, so why vote at all.
Until our voice is heard again the feeble bunch of British politicians can expect the same disdain at every election.

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  1. I couldn't have put it better myself Donald.At the General Election what choices have we got? The days of quality politicians who looked upon public service as a duty and not a means of making money are behind us.

  2. Our 2010 elections are also an issue, as any other past ones. Celebrities are running for high positions in the government and none of them seems capable of carrying out the duties that come with the power (including non-celebrities). I think some have not even experienced being a class president! Sigh.