Saturday, 21 November 2009

EUs farcical fishing laws.

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The French fishermen would not stand for it, and the Spanish are never questioned about their methods of catching fish of all sizes, and cleaning up their fishing grounds, but the responsible Scottish fishermen are once again being punished by the mindless idiots in Brussels who still want restrictions on our fishing fleet.
These laws are being passed by people who know nothing about the job or the fish stocks around our waters, and who's main aim seems to be to ruin the Scottish, or British fishing industry.

Our representatives in Europe come away the same old sob story that there is nothing they can do about it, but it is their job to fight for the rights of Britain, not to walk away with their tails between their legs, and allow this useless union dictate to them.

Britain is the only country who allows this to happen while countries like Spain and France, to name but two stand up for their fishing rights, and are listened to even though their boats slaughter everything they catch.
Why does our representative not use these facts as ammunition to protect our rights instead of walking away in defeat.
Questions like these should be asked, so why are our MEPs not asking them and fighting on our behalf?
Their jobs should be questioned if they cannot let their voices be heard.

What excuses are we gong to get when our fleet is tied to the wall with thousands of jobs gone, ashore and at sea, while foreign vessels from other E.U. countries come and plunder our seas leaving them in the desolate state they have left their own in?

This union has no right to dictate to our fishermen,nor should they have been given the power they have been, and if we were given the vote we were promised by our weak government, we would be in control of our own waters and making a better job of it than these fools who are in charge of our destiny now, not only in fishing matters, but in all other important matters.
Heaven help us for the future.

What is happening now is a far cry from the Common Market we DID sign up for, where the price and distribution of food produce was the main factor.

The European Union was bad enough but the Lisbon treaty is a step too far, and a step most countries will live to regret.

The gutless wonders we send to represent us in Europe will be the cause of us losing our individuality, while the stronger countries, like Germany, and France who are already beginning to dominate, will take over the running of everything and their word will be law.

Now why did Hitler not think about conquering the world this way?
It seems his modern day counterparts have come up with a successful formula to rule Europe,only this time there is no resistance.

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  1. Similar stories can be heard here in our country. Politicians are being bribed and payed big bucks to let foreign businessmen ruin our own natural resources. May it be mining on the mountains, taking sand from the beautiful beaches, etc. They get blinded with the money and let the illegal acts pursue without thinking about the consequences and the benefit of our poor country and local workers. Their principles can be bought. What a pity.

  2. Thoughtful article. The world is hard work at times!