Monday, 16 November 2009

2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

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It has just been announced that the cost of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has risen from 373 million pounds to 454 million pounds, a rise of 22%, and with under four years to go before they start the cost could rise even more.
This situation is nothing new to to the organizers of Olympic, and Commonwealth Games of the past, so why does it always make such a big impact when it is announced with every new venue.

According to what they say the extra money HAS to be paid for by the taxpayer.(As if we haven't got enough to pay back thanks to the banking farce.) Taxpayers who had no say as to whether they wanted the games in their country, or the people of Glasgow, who were never consulted about the inconvenience to them.
Why should the taxpayers be burdened by more expense to make the dream of some city or government officials dream come true?

OK its a big thing for the British competitors to have the games on their own soil, but the expense does not warrant the benefits of having them here, and I am sure the countries who failed this time round are pretty thankful that they escaped the expense during the world recession we are now in.

Where the money was coming from in the first place is a mystery, as poverty was being pleaded by anyone and everyone in authority before we won (or lost more like)the vote to hold the Commonwealth Games.
It seems it is easy finding money to finance unnecessary, or frivolous causes, but when it comes to making necessary cuts it's the public who has to suffer by withdrawing the services they need the most, like refuse collections, and all other services paid for by extortionate council taxes.

It seems to me when political figures get into power they seem to think they are working with monopoly money, and that the taxpayers will come to their rescue every time they overspend.

In the case of the games we are always promised the benefits will be greater than the cost, but it never turns out that way, and this will be no exception.

It's time we started handing over monopoly money to pay our taxes after all it's the only money that doesn't disappear into thin air, and always lands in the hands of the winner, not like the Billions lost by our world bankers, never to be seen again.


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  1. Couldn't agree more Donald....once again it's the taxpayer who has to cough up,(with some taxpayers earning just on, or below the breadline)and if they could have had their say would surely have undoubtedly voted against it. This Government has a lot to answer for!

  2. Go to my blog. Now. I have something for your on my blog. It is fabulous. And it is bitchy.

  3. Couldn't agree more. Its absolutely ridiculous the amount of increases that come out of nowhere for these events and we end up paying for it. At the minute this country can't afford to be throwing money away on things like this when there are people living on the streets.