Monday, 25 March 2013

Scottish Independence.

Location map of Scotland, United Kingdom Equir...
Location map of Scotland, United Kingdom Equirectangular projection, N/S stretching 170 %. Geographic limits of the map: * N: 61.0° N * S: 54.5° N * W: 8.8° W * E: 0.4° W (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every argument I hear from the "better together" brigade has the phrase "How will Scotland survive independently outside the security of the UK"?

The question I would like those in favour of Independence to ask is.
How is the rest of the UK going to survive without the security of all revenues from Scotland?
We do not only have oil, we also have an ever growing revenue from whiskey, and if we played our cards right in or out of the European Union, we have one of the greatest fishing stocks within that union which is being ruined by unnecessary quotas from Brussels.
If we got Independence we should, and could protect our fishing stocks from the European fishermen who are just waiting to plunder and destroy our stocks just as they did their own.

Another benefit to an in dependant Scotland would be, not to have the burden of London consuming our welfare budget, what with the highest rental market for the unemployed and the dearest house prices for MPs who scrounge money from the taxpayers to pay for their homes and sell them for their own gain.

Scotland contributes billions more to the UK coffers than they get in return, and where is the money spent other than London?
On the road and rail network throughout England, stopping at the Scottish border, the proposed high speed track being one example.
So if you are a Tory MP, or spend lots of time travelling in England, or think you might benefit from the extravagance of London, be it welfare or property dealing, then "better together" could be for you.

If on the other hand you are a TRUE Scot and grudge every penny that crosses the border to boost the UK coffers that fall into the hands of rich Tories who have not one clue on how to put it to good use, or help Scotland, then you should seriously be thinking of voting for Independence.

We are more than capable of standing alone, which is more than the scaremongers from England can do, that is why they are so against an independent Scotland.
Without our money they will have a bigger struggle on their hands to sort out their deficit than they have now.
As for Scotland. We can rise above it all, we have the wealth to do so.
I do feel sorry for the proud Scots who, through no choice of their own, who have to work and live in England, or elsewhere, even if they are likely return someday, still do not get the chance to vote and express their feelings on how the country of their birth should be governed.

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  1. Good for you Donald!..and it's so true...England is running scared,of losing the revenue from Scotland, and resorting to scare mongering as you say....and as I AM a TRUE scot it will be a YES vote from me. What did William Wallace die for "FREEDOM"!

  2. Englishman: My ancestors have been entitled to bear arms since the days of William the Conqueror.

    Scotsman: My ancestors have been entitled to bare legs since the days of Robert the Bruce.

    Yes, I know it's an old one and you've probably heard it before, but your post called it to mind.