Wednesday, 23 January 2013

EU referendum.

Mobbing the Tories by American Patriots in 177...
Mobbing the Tories by American Patriots in 1775-76; the Tory is about to be tarred and feathered (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another idle promise of an in out referendum on the European Union by a government in a desperate attempt to get votes.
Gordon Brown's government promised us a referendum on Europe but it was refused, so why should we believe the Tories?
The very fact that government leaders are using a referendum on Europe as a pawn to gain votes, means that they are sure the general public wants the chance to vote on this important matter, and the very fact that they keep refusing us this vote is proof positive that they know the majority in Britain will vote to leave this shambles that has been stretched too far from the original Common Market without our consent.
These government ministers forget that they are elected and paid by us to look out for our interests, and by refusing us this vote they are not doing the job they are paid for, as it is going against the majorities wishes.
The very pawn the Tories are using might be their downfall, as it has echos of a past fallen government.
The Tories also seemed to have forgotten that the disabled people they are endlessly harassing, and the other middle classes, using needed welfare are voters too, and when it comes to the next election they will need more than the promise of a referendum to see them into another term.
With their genocidal acts towards the genuine disabled they should be hanging their heads in shame, but scroungers like them who take our money in wages and expenses with little in return have no shame when they try to make out that it is the public who are to blame for the world financial crisis.
Bring on the election NOW before this rich bunch of toffs do any more damage to the country.

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