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Government scams.

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 Ian Duncan Smith, David Cameron and George Osborne, are the ring leaders in trying to smear the recipients of welfare payments by distorting the true figures of how much the individual gets, and of how many are not genuine.
George Osborne recently sold his house, paid for by the tax payers and made a profit of around £5000,000.
Should this profit not be returned to the tax payers along with the tax payers money that was originally invested in the house.
Abusing this scheme is worse than the 0.7% of people who are fraudulently abusing the welfare system, as they do not skim £5000,000
a time off the tax payers.
 NOTE  0.7% fraudsters and not the 27% we have been led to believe.
All politicians should be made to pay back all of the money, and profits used to buy houses paid for by the tax payers when they have no more use for them.
They are right enough in this respect when they quote, "we are all in this together."
They too are guilty of ripping off the tax payers at every chance they get, and should hang their heads in shame when they deprive genuine disabled, and needy people of money that they are entitled to.
The people who decry the unfortunates on benefits should be careful not to be taken in by the government smear campaign as they never know when it might be their turn to claim welfare should they find themselves out of work through no fault of their own.
The only thing that these rich posh boys are in together is feathering their own nests at our expense.
It is high time that their perks were ended which would add millions to the coffers.
Then they would be entitled to claim that we are all in this together.

Read the articles below to help understand where I am coming from.
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