Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Insurance injustice.

The recent ruling by the judges at the European Court of Justice is totally out of order as the insurance companies do not assess policies by sexism, but by facts on driving gained by years of experience and dealing with accident statistics.

This is just another case of these idiots having to be seen justifying their jobs by changing acts that they should have no jurisdiction over.

What were they thinking when they passed this law? Did they never stop to consider where it might lead?
This idiotic decision could result in the older, more responsible drivers having to pay a substantial amount more on their policies if the next law they decide to change is, that the insurance companies are being ageist.

The way things stood was the more sensible option with accident facts being taken into consideration, and if that means that younger girls,and the older, more experienced drivers pay less than the young boys who, on the whole want to speed and test their cars to the limit, then so be it.

The judges have not looked at the facts and the real reason for the differences in policies and instead of investigating and changing laws they constantly make a hash of, they should be looking at how incompetent they are at doing their job and RESIGN!
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  1. What the hey? No looking at facts and reason when it comes to making policy.

    You're right Donald, time for some of these people to resign.

    BTW, haven't been getting your posts. Big problems at WordPress. Gonna subscribe again.

  2. Cheers Maxi, I haven't been posting as much lately. Nice to hear from you though.