Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Council tax promises.

With the coming elections in Scotland all the parties involved are fighting the battle with
promises of Council Tax cuts, freezing the payments again, or stopping payments
altogether for pensioners earning £10,000 or under.

Between all these promises we have to remember that when the financial crisis
became apparent it was revealed that most Councils had money stashed in foreign
banks. (For a rainy day was the excuse)

Thanks to the financial crisis we became aware that councils had millions stashed away in banks like Iceland after pleading poverty to us for years and the money was being withheld by the Icelandic government.

As far as I know the money was released eventually, but we would never had know about these extra coffers if it had been left to our councillors.

All these revelations and promises just goes to show what we suspected all along.

We have been getting ripped off and have been paying through the nose for our council taxes in the years before the freeze on this tax ever took place.
It makes you wonder how many other tricks or illusions they will use to pull the wool over our eyes before we go to the polls, and how many lies and broken promises will be revealed after the elected party has been sworn in, and their true policies come to light.

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