Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bankers bonus debate.

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The Royal Bank of Scotland board of directors are threatening to quit if they are not allowed to set their ridiculous bonuses, as they are under the illusion that they have been successful enough to earn millions of pounds over and above the high wages they already earn.
I doubt very much if the taxpayers will agree with them, because as we all know they still owe us billions of pounds, and until that is paid back in full they cannot claim success.

If anyone is entitled to bonuses this year it's the taxpayers of whom without THEM the banks would not exist.

Let the board of directors quit, and forfeit their ludicrous pensions plus any bonus they might be entitled to, and see if they will continue with their threat, because there are plenty people out there who have been sacked from the banking world this year who are just as, or even more capable of running the banking system, and would be only too eager to take the jobs vacated by these chancers, possibly for less money too.

If the treasury allow themselves to be conned by the directors then they are only confirming how useless this government has become, and they should end up in the scrapheap along with the bank directors who's greed and incapability's led to this recession.

If bonuses must be paid ever again they should be within a sensible limit, and not be allowed to rise to the extortionate levels of the past.

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