Saturday, 24 May 2014

Facebook members know the truth

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English: Iain Duncan Smith-Nightingale House-March 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
David Cameron said his government would be the most transparent in British history!! HOWEVER the doughnut he put in charge of the DWP and then handed this serial failure and cock up artist the largest budget EVER for a departmental reform, must have not got that memo as for the last 3 months Iain Duncan Smith has bitterly fought against the publishing of a report that would have laid bare the calamity of Smiths personal wet dream the universal credit!!! and his twisted vision of how the most vulnerable in society should be punished and enslaved.
The report is said to be so damming that it has not even been given a rating of green, amber or red on its chances of succeeding or coming in on budget because it is now under threat of being scrapped altogether and started again under a new administration, with a bill of nearly half of a billion pounds simply written off!!
One senior civil servant who turned whistle blower described the whole department as in a state of chaos with Smith acting like a delusional emperor who is demanding what he wants without actually having a clue on how his civil servants are meant to make his demands happen.
One back bencher said that when Smiths department eventually gives up its dark secrets and the true amount of money that has simply been squandered and wasted and all the misery it has caused so many!!! people will then ask how this lunatic was given the keys to the public bank when he has been a total failure all his life!! The only thing that is transparent in the DWPs department is Smiths utter stupidity and arrogance...
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