Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland the brave? THAT'S A LAUGH!

I never thought I would see the day when I would be ashamed to be Scottish, but now after my fellow countrymen had the chance to prove they could go it alone they failed miserably.
45% of Scottish people are hanging their heads in shame because the rest of the world is mocking them, all because the other 55% of the people did not have the backbone, the faith, or the vision to see what could have been an even prouder nation flourish on it's own merit.
Never can we sing "Scotland the brave," "Flower "o" Scotland" or any other patriotic song relating to Scotland with any conviction because the words have no meaning now.
We had our chance and blew it!
We listened to numpties and were taken in by their feeble promises now we are the numpties and soon the world will see us for what we have become, a weak people afraid to break free.
No more can we complain when our country get fleeced by Westminster, no more can we complain when the south of England flourishes with Scotland's wealth while our poor get poorer and our disabled and needy are neglected.
No more can we complain when we get Tory governments that have only one interest in Scotland and that is to drain it of it's resources.
It will be during these next few months that we see the promises broken and put on the back burner while the south builds it's new airports, railways and any other means it can think of to squander the wealth that has now fallen back into their hands, hands they are now rubbing with glee because a nation was so easily conned.
The fledgelings were afraid to fly the nest, afraid to fly solo, now there will be forever dependent on Westminster who like any parent birds will treat them with the contempt they deserve.
Aye once we were a brave and proud nation but now we have nothing to sing about.

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  1. Aye Donald we are now Scotland the Slave. We have also lost a great man that led us to this time so that we could be free from the lying, devious and greedy Wasteminster government full of millionaires.....I hope those No hopers get what they deserve !