Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Bankers fury.

So the bank bosses are furious that the Chancellor, George Osborne is going to take an
additional £800million levy off them, making it two and a half billion pounds
per annam long term.
Not nearly as angry as the British public were when their money was handed over
willy-nilly by the government to the so called Mega banks when we bailed them
out of the hole they dug for themselves leaving us with a large deficit to
clear, and them in clover reaping disgusting bonuses.
Now they are taking the huff like babies because the government is trying to
rectify the fact that they are not paying back their debt to us quickly enough.
They are threatening to pull out of talks with the government about Project
Merlin, talks that concern their pay, bonuses and the way the banks are lending.
Until they pay back all of their debts to us, they work for us and should be
forced by the government to tow the line and do what they are told.
If they want to leave their job or take their banks elsewhere, do so once they
can call the banks their own again.
They are only Mega banks nowadays thanks to the taxpayers.
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