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Letter to Gordon Brown.

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Below is a letter Gordon Brown will receive from me during the coming week.
You, my faithful followers have the chance to read it before him.
I hope it meets your approval.

22 March 2010

Dear Mr Brown

Here are some points you might like to ponder on transit from number ten Downing Street to your new abode that you will be forced to take residency in after the election.

As your party were in charge during the financial crisis, you should have had the gumption to put conditions on the ridiculously large loans you dished out to the banks, mainly a definite clause laid down on a repayment system, and a cap on the vulgar bonuses received by the greedy team of banking management, until the said loans of billions of taxpayer’s money has been repaid.

Your budgets and manifestos since do not take into consideration any of the money being paid back by the banks, only by the taxpayer whose money it was in the first place.
Perhaps it is time you realised that the majority of voters come from the poorest paid of the country, some through no fault of their own, which makes them no less clever than you or your fellow politicians, and are very capable of working out who, or what party is the best way forward.
Taxing these people more by doing away with the 10p income tax basement level is no way to gain their votes, and if you think that by returning the money fleeced from them last year will make its existence go unnoticed this year you are sadly mistaken as the difference it makes to a small wage is very significant in comparison to the large pay-packet you and your kind receive.

Although the SNP has taken the brunt of the Megrahi affair and do not deserve to be put back in power in Scotland (the coming election will see to that) your party too influenced that decision, and is responsible for many other murderers, and sex offenders being released from prison only to commit the same offences soon after their release.
It is time the courts in our country were allowed to punish crimes rather than give in to the minority who think leniency is the answer, and are proved to be wrong time and time again much to the disgust of the victims and decent citizen of Britain who suffer through these stupid actions.

It seems to me and the majority of the voters that you have stopped listening to us, the people who put your party in power with the assumption that you were there to carry out OUR wishes NOT your own, and are turning this country into a dictatorship rather than a democracy.

If you were worth voting for you would forget about introducing ID cards, a system that the biggest majority of this country do not want whether we could afford them or not.
If there was ever any doubt in your mind of your betrayal, your persistence on going through with such a ridiculous scheme that we can ill afford until this country is back on its feet is one example of you not listening to the people who put you in power.

Another example is the Trident missile that will cost the taxpayer billions at a time when we are already over taxed thanks to your generosity towards the bankers, and your failure to consolidate a repayment scheme.

You tell US to tighten OUR belts while you go on squandering OUR money and expect to be re-elected.

You crucify the poorest of this country’s citizens, who as I have said make up the majority of the voters, and expect to be re-elected.

You do nothing about the leniency shown to our criminals, have no consideration for victims of crime, and expect to be re-elected.

These are the concerns of the people who put your party in power, and these are the concerns you should be addressing.

It is bad enough your betrayal, but not to have the sense to see where you are going wrong, treating the electorate like dummies and being stubborn enough to stick to plans that the general public abhor gives them no confidence in you or your party, so if you have not already made plans to move out of number ten, I suggest you do so.

The saddest thing about politics at present is the fact that none of the main parties seem to have the sense to act on the voters’ wishes and would rather act like a bunch of schoolboys in the House of Commons trying to score points off each other rather than get down to the reality of putting the country to rights.

Any party that has the sense to act on the points I have given you to ponder will show that they have the voters concerns in mind, which will show us a way out of this recession without punishing the very people whose money rescued the country in the first place.
It is not too late to show some sense, and give the voters SOME hope in the coming election, and maybe delay your departure from number ten.

Yours sincerely

D. Swarbrick.

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  1. Donald, it doesn't seem to change no matter what the place with how power and greed dominate our leaders. Today I'm glued to the television wondering how the health care bill will be settled and if passed what it will mean tax wise to me. Thus my heart goes out to all of us who wear their choices on our backs and in our's disgusting...

    Great post.

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. Hi Donald, well done!.. a GREAT post, I hope he takes your letter to heart and makes the effort to right everything that he has allowed to go wrong in this country, especially taking from the poorest to give to the greedy. He needs to take a reality check by coming down to grassroots level and see how the other half manage to exist, never mind live!

  3. It seems to be the same the world over Dorothy, once they get in they forget the promises made and the people who put them there.

  4. I only hope he does read it Blue Angel, and it is not passed down through his secretaries ending up in a bin. Its time he realised what the general public really thinks of him and his party. I will get a reply but its hardly likely he will know anything about it. If its worthwhile I'll print it.

  5. I liked your letter Donald, and I hope that Gordon Brown will finally listen to what the majority of UK wants, even though it's too late for him already

  6. Its never too late Tatiana, to let them know how we feel about them anyway, but the election will be the judge of that, the only problem being, it will be another bunch of no-hopers who take their place.

  7. Well said, my friend. Point for point it sounds like my country, America. From loans to banks, leniency in court system, sticking to plans the people abhor, tighten OUR belts, more taxes, not listening to people. Most of all, act on voter's wishes and put the country to rights.

    Good luck - Maxi

  8. Yes Maxi, its time the main parties got a rude awakening by some other party being voted in. They would not be any worse than the main options we have now.
    Get the arrogance knocked out of them, then they might listen to the people they are supposed to be acting for.

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