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British justice gone mad AGAIN.

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One thing I don't have to worry about is content for this blog as our justice system has so many flaws and makes so many blunders that I will never be short of something to rant about.

Three stories covered by the newspapers shows how ridiculous the whole set up is.

The first concerns the convicted murderer Peter Tobin, who, while serving three life sentences for murdering young girls, and has admitted to murdering over forty has been allowed to appeal his latest life sentence for killing Vicky Hamilton, claiming the thirty year sentence he was handed was too excessive and should be reduced.

This man has been awarded enough life sentences to ensure he dies behind bars, so why does our stupid so called justice system allow him to take up the courts time and waste money on such a useless cause when he will die in jail anyway.
Once prisoners are sentenced they should have no right of appeal unless there is good cause for such measures.

The second case is of three boys (read below) whose case refers to their sentences as LIFE sentences, so I ask you. Since when is eleven years a life sentence to a boy of fifteen unless the judge knows of some fatal illness he might have?

Life sentences for Glasgow street murder teenagers
Anthony Ford
Mr Ford died in hospital the day after the attack last July

Two 15-year-old boys have been given life sentences for murdering a man in an apparent revenge attack.

The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, set upon Anthony Ford, 30, as he walked his dog in the Govan area of Glasgow last July.

At the High Court in Glasgow they were each ordered to be detained for a minimum of 11 years.

Another teenager, John Gallagher, 17, was sentenced to nine years for culpable homicide.

A fourth teenager, Daryl Barney, 18, was given community service after being convicted of assault.

The court heard that Gallagher, who blamed Mr Ford for a previous attack on his father in 2007, led the fatal assault after he and his friends met the victim accidentally in the street.

Last of the bunch is the Jon Venables saga, one of the killers of the two year old "James Bulger" who served only eight years for his sickening crime, and has cost the taxpayers a fortune to rehabilitate him.
Now he is back in prison for breaching his bail conditions which has blown his cover, and it will cost the taxpayers another fortune if he is ever released again.

I for one wouldn't mind it costing us money for his stay in prison for the rest of his life, and I am sure the mother of James Bulger would feel the same way, along with the majority of the country.

If there was any doubt that the general public were not pleased at the sentences the two murderers of James Bulger received, them why go to all the trouble of concealing their identities.

The British public have cause for concern about the reasoning of our justice system, and these three stories just back up everything I have written about it.
If the people in this country who are in power to make laws and pass sentences don't buck up their ideas and get the laws altered to suit the twenty first century, and start to dish out sentences that will satisfy the people of whom the crimes are committed against, they should be made to answer in their own courts as to why such stupid incidents occur, and why they allow our over crowded courts to be used for needless appeals, or let murderers walk free after serving only a small fraction of their sentence.

Even our police force is disgusted at the way criminals are treated, which gives them less incentive to catch them, when our idiotic judges and do-gooders pander to them instead of punishing them.

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