Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Royal Bank of Scotland rip off.

The government has sold (offloaded as they put it) 8% of OUR (the taxpayers) shares of the Royal Bank of Scotland for two and a half billion pounds which is a LOSS of two billion pounds.
Now as far as I was led to believe at the time we LOANED the "BANKRUPT" bank 45 billion pounds to bail it out or in other words keep it in business. We never purchased "shares" as is now claimed.
Now you have to ask, how come the shares of a bankrupt business are worth nearly twice as much as a business that is now showing profit??? and why are we selling shares (we did not purchase) at a loss and not getting the full 45 billion returned to us????
The answers are simple.
As I have said before, it was all one big con by the city slickers to make more money for them.
You will see soon that the government's city cronies will be buying up these under priced shares and selling them for a BIG profit that will make them even richer while the poor taxpayers who staked the money in the first place suffers the loss or takes the hit, so to speak.
We continually allow this to happen while they rub their hands in glee after counting the money they ripped off us, all the time knowing they have taken us for the fools we are, while all the time we go on accepting the austerity forced upon us without retaliation.
I think I will try for a loan from the R.B.S. and ask for the same payback terms. Would I get it, I think not, so why did they???????

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