Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The horseless carriage.

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It's high time governments and councils accepted the fact that the public have come to rely on the automobile, once known as the horseless carriage.
I use the term "horseless carriage" because it seems to me, that the authorities in this country still have the notion that we should be driving with a man walking in front of us waving a red flag, as they did in days of yore.

Speed bumps in unnecessary places, the failure to provide ample parking spaces, overcharging at the few parking facilities that are available, failing to maintain the road systems, failing to provide roads that can accommodate the volume of cars that now use our antiquated road structures, redirecting the money paid in road taxes to other sources when this money was supposed to go towards the upkeep of our roads, trying to push us into using the public transport that is just as antiquated as our roads and provides no privacy, a requirement the people of today prefer, (and why should they not?)are to name but a few things that should be taken into consideration.

The government in one hand needs the taxes paid by the motorist through road tax, tax on petrol, purchase tax, the new con of green taxes on some vehicles, and any other way they can think of extorting money from them.

As for councils, they gain by overcharging for car parks, paying to enter some cities or charge for the use of roads we have already paid for.

When you add up the amount of money extorted from the motorist by the authorities, and that the motorist prefers to pay rather than walk or use public transport, you have to wonder why they cannot accept the fact that the horseless carriage is here to stay, and provide for it rather that try to constrict it.

Provide large car parks with decent charges (preferably no charges at all) in and around our towns and cities which would save the congestion they are all worried about.
Realise that it is through their denial of the fact that the horseless carriage is here to stay and its their failure to provide for it that causes the congestion, also realise that they too are included as motorists, and are as guilty as the next person who prefers their privacy when traveling.

Another thing to consider is the fact that we have so many people employed in one way or another with these new horseless carriages, through manufacturing to selling and repairing them, that it would leave a big gap in the unemployment system if we were to stop using them, not to mention the deficit it would leave in the coffers of the country.


Horseless carriages are here to stay, make provisions for them, and make life easier for one and all.

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  1. Hi Donald,

    I understand what you are saying. It is the same here in the United States. Our government taxes, promises and still no resolution to the roads, highways and bridges. My question is. What are they really doing with all of that money?

  2. They spread it around other causes, including their own expenses, Glenna.

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  4. Interesting piece. In answer to Glenna Frazier: We know what they do with the money here in Britain. They use for expenses like bags of manure, duck houses and second homes!

  5. Thanks for the nice compliment Lydia.