Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tory and Labour running scared.

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Since Nick Clegg outshone his opposition in their last debate all Tory and Labour can think of is how to try and degrade the surging Lib-Dems rather than fight for their survival by having faith in their own policies.

The fact that the knives have been out for Nick and the Lib-Dems proves that they are now a force to reckon with, and that the other parties are running scared of a party that they had discounted in every election till now.

This is just the kick up the backside the Tory and Labour candidates needed.
All to often they have been so confident that it was a race between them, and all they had to do was to outdo each other to win the election, then once in, all the promises made were forgotten about and they governed to suit themselves, ignoring the wishes of the general public who put them there.

Tory and Labour must have as much faith in their own manifestos as the general public has if they have to stoop so low, by using tactics that attempt to discredit the Lib-Dems rather than win the public vote by assuring them that they have the right manifesto to put this country back on its feet.


We all knew both Labour and Tory were all washed up, but were afraid to vote for another party in case our vote was wasted.

NOT SO NOW, we know our votes were wasted on the other two parties in elections of the recent past, history is proof of that, and the real change is with the Lib-Dems according to the manifestos declared by all for this election.

We know now that our votes will count, and can now put our X in the box where our convictions lie, which will make this coming election all the more interesting.

Nick Clegg has shown the two arrogant parties that it is time they listened to the electorate when in or out of power, so now perhaps, they will sit up and take notice, learn the lesson dished out to them and eat the humble pie that has been well and truly place in front of them.

The Lib-Dems certainly can be no worse than the present government given the disasters they have laid at our doors in the last few years, and considering the Tory party has no interest in the working man, also given the fact that their policies are not much different from Labours, the two parties could well amalgamate rather than face each other in combat, which they may well have to do in the next debate, when they have to come face to face with the WRATH of Nick Clegg this time.

This time they will not agree with him the way they did in the last debate, but they will have to come up with some NEW ideas of their own, THAT is the only way they can prove their worth to a disillusioned public, NOT go down the road of OLD politics by using tactics to discredit the opposition.

We want responsible adults with a strong manifesto to lead us forward, not stupid schoolboys who think they are still fighting in the playground, and so far Nick Clegg is the only one who can hold his head high enough to make us sit up and take notice.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, they all will have to remember, that it is US and OUR wishes they will have to take notice of if they want to be elected, not score points off each other.

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