Friday, 5 February 2010

Political correctness does not apply to everyone.

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Most of the things I rant about in this blog are about "human rights," or lack of them for the law abiding citizens, politicians in general, or anything else that gets on my wick, but "political correctness" although bugs me as much as anything is never mentioned much so I thought I would share this story with you.

I suffer from angina, and during the heavy snowfalls we had recently, I suffered two bad attacks due to my own stupidity. The first came after I cleared our path, which was made more difficult by the fact that it had been trampled over quite a lot before I got around to it.
The second came the following week when almost home, and struggling uphill in the car on solid ice, with my neighbour in front trying the same thing but got stuck, so I got out and helped him push his car, while his wife gently kept the car going ahead.
Between us, we successfully managed, although it meant me going back down to the bottom of the hill to get a steady run at it again. (in my car of course)
I should have known better but I sometimes think there is nothing wrong with me, if I watch what I am doing, and don't have an attack, until I get a violent reminder such as these last two, then I suffer for days, and say never again.......until the next time.ha ha.

Anyway I thought it best to go and report my ordeals to my doctor as we are advised to do so in case I had done more damage to my heart.

When I entered the waiting room there was three women sitting, with ages ranging from 19 years of age to 45 years of age, and knowing them all, as it is just a little village we stay in, I nodded, and my nods were acknowledged by all of them.

As I was sitting waiting for my turn I began to read the notices plastered all around he walls, as you do, especially if you haven't visited for a while .................... well the magazines are still the same but the notice board changes.

After reading most of them I noticed one on the door that leads behind the counter where the receptionists sit.
It was a round pink notice and written in large blue print was the words "BREASTFEED HAPPILY HERE" I thought to myself, that is with all the political correctness and people complaining of women breastfeeding in public, I am glad they have seen sense here and allowed it, but, much to my disappointment when I asked the women sitting there which one was going to provide a breast for ME, each and every one of them turned me down. TYPICAL! The notice obviously does not apply to everyone. So much for political correctness. Hahahaha!

Only joking ha ha,although the notice WAS there and it gave me the idea for the story.
It also brought to my mind an event that occurred when I was a postman (yes I was a postman for a while, just imaging the stories that have to come in insights ha ha)
I had to knock on a door to get a signature for a recorded delivery, and the woman of the house answered the door with her child still feeding from her breast, well I thought, if it does not embarrass her why should it embarrass me, even though she made no attempt to cover up her free one, after all she was in her own home.

Political correctness does go too far at times, but breastfeeding can be embarrassing for some men, though not me, as I find most women who are breastfeeding their children in public do so very discreetly, and now in most places they can "breastfeed happily"......... well at least when they are feeding their own children ha ha.

I wondered which of my two blogs I would write this in, but "GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST"
seemed the most appropriate. ha ha.

I just thought I would try and cheer you up with an amusing story for a change, instead of all the doom and gloom that you usually read here, so I hope I have succeeded.

My heart was no worse for the abuse I gave it, nor from the bad jokes I tell.


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  1. Political correctness will lead to the death of our society. Or so I believe. But that's another story.

    Breastfeeding in public is fine with me. Nudity in public would be fine with me. Only women, tough.

    I'm sure there are 'worse' things you've seen as a postman. Come on, give.......

  2. I might reveal more of my adventures as a postman in "insightsofnostalgia" someday, but only maybe.
    I'm not so sure about nudity in public, even women only. Sometimes you are better with the intrigue, and that is one example. ha ha.

  3. I am OK with breastfeeding. In fact, I am fine with a lot of things. I won't like it when a big bellied person parades half naked in front of me,... but I will just close my eyes and imagine him to be a tall dark hot chocolate drink of a man with a sculpted chest and abs. Oh yeah!

  4. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.
    And also thanks for your visit and comments left. Wish you a very happy week ahead! Keep in touch!

  5. Good for you W.S.K. aka T.F.B. Its always great to hear from you.

  6. You are very welcome, (Party, fashion, music, sport.) Thanks to you too for taking the time to read and comment on mine.